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Choose your perfect investment property and acquire Saint Lucia citizenship.

Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

Invest in properties approved by the government’s trusted developers, ensuring peace of mind and the potential for favorable capital gains, a solid return on investment, and the added benefit of a buyback offer.

Investment Return: 5Years Annual Rental Income: 2-4%

Understand the precautions

before your application submission to Saint Lucia

Procedure STEP BY STEP which will be carried out to ensure your application successes rate 99.99%

Basic Due Diligence
Basic Due Diligence- (Agent Effort-Internal):
Conducting due diligence, ensuring compliance, and implementing anti-money laundering measures are fundamental initial steps in evaluating a client's eligibility for obtaining a second passport through the Citizenship by Investment Program. These essential checks play a pivotal role in assessing the likelihood of your application's approval or rejection, substantially mitigating the risk of facing a rejection in the desired host country where you intend to establish your family or individual residency. Deal Done 21 Pvt Ltd stands as an affiliated, acting on behalf of government-licensed agents, to provide comprehensive assistance throughout the application process. Our team of legal experts is dedicated to guiding you through the necessary legal formalities, further bolstering the prospects of your successful application.
Documents Preparation
Documents Preparation:
Lawyers will provide the complete list of personal required docouments and financial records to initiate the processes to CBI program, translate and notarize the copies of provided documents and responsible to fill out the government forms and submit.
Govt Official Due Diligence
Govt Official Due Diligence:
After evaluating and pass the basic due diligence from internal agent side , the application will be submitted to the government CBI Unit for their checking to make an official Due Diligence including Over 12 Years old family members, this is part is play very important role to get CBI Unit decision for your application either grant approval to obtain citizenship or decline the application.
Mandatory Approval to complete the investment formalities
Mandatory Approval to complete the investment formalities
Upon receiving the approval notification, clients are afforded a 90-day window to arrange the necessary funds and finalize the investment according to the mutually agreed terms with the government-authorized licensed agent responsible for submitting their Citizenship by Investment (CBI) application.
Passport Issuance
Passport Issuance:
After successful transaction execution and confirmation on the investment and Based on your provided authorization to the appointed official Government Licensed Agent will be able to get the passport and naturalization certificate on your behalf at the convenient address which is mentioned on the application.

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Documents Required

List of Required Documents for Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment:

To embark on the journey of acquiring Saint Lucian citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Program, applicants are obligated to furnish an essential set of
documents. These documents serve as a vital part of the application process, helping authorities assess eligibility and ensure the program’s integrity.

  1. The following is a comprehensive list of the requisite documents:
  2. Application Forms: Complete the official application forms as required by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU). Ensure all sections are accurately filled out.
  3. Passport Copies: Submit clear copies of the passport bio-data pages for the main applicant and all family members included in the application.
  4. Birth Certificates: Provide original or certified copies of birth certificates for the main applicant and all family members, showing full names and dates of birth.
  5. Marriage Certificate: If applicable, include the original or certified copy of the marriage certificate for the main applicant.
  6. Divorce or Death Certificates: In cases of previous marriages, furnish original or certified divorce decrees or death certificates of former spouses.
  7. Curriculum Vitae (CV): Prepare a comprehensive CV for the main applicant, highlighting professional and educational achievements.
  8. Police Clearance Certificates: Obtain a police clearance certificate from all countries where the main applicant and family members aged 16 and older have resided
    in the last ten years. These certificates should be recent and indicate no criminal record.
  9. Health Certificate: Undergo a medical examination and provide a health certificate as proof of good health. Ensure all family members comply with this
  10. . Affidavit of Support: For dependent children aged 18 to 30, an affidavit of support should be signed by both the main applicant and the dependent child.
  11. . Source of Funds: Prepare a detailed report on the source of funds used for the investment. Ensure complete transparency in demonstrating the legality and origin
    of the funds
  12. Bank Statements: Provide original bank statements for the main applicant’s bank accounts, covering the past twelve months. Ensure the statements display a
    consistent financial history.
  13. Recommendation Letters: Obtain and submit two recommendation letters from reputable professionals, attesting to the main applicant’s character and integrity.
  14. Investment Confirmation: Depending on the chosen investment route, provide documentation to confirm the investment in a donation, real estate, or enterprise
  15. Additional Documents: If applicable, other documents such as academic certificates, licenses, or permits, should be included as requested by the Citizenship by
    Investment Unit.
  16. It’s important to note that the specific requirements may vary, and additional documents may be requested for certain applications. Therefore, consulting with a
    professional immigration consultant specializing in Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program is highly recommended to ensure a seamless and successful
    application process.

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FAQ’s -Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What is the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program? 

Answer: The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is a government initiative that grants eligible individuals and their families the opportunity to obtain
Saint Lucian citizenship by making a qualifying investment in the country

2. What are the benefits of obtaining Saint Lucian citizenship through investment?

Answer: Saint Lucian citizenship offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a multitude of countries, increased travel convenience, tax advantages, business
opportunities, and the option to reside in a beautiful and welcoming Caribbean nation.

3. What types of investments are available for the program?

Answer: There are various investment options, including contributions to the National Economic Fund, investment in approved real estate developments, or
investing in an enterprise project.

4. How long does it take to obtain Saint Lucian citizenship through this program?

Answer: The application process typically takes approximately 3-4 months from submission to approval. The exact time may vary depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of the case.

5. Can I include my family in the application?

Answer: Yes, the program allows the inclusion of family members such as spouses, children, parents, and grandparents in your application.

6. Is dual citizenship allowed in Saint Lucia?

Answer: Yes, Saint Lucia fully recognizes dual citizenship. You can hold multiple passports without any issues.

7. Do I need to reside in Saint Lucia to maintain my citizenship?

Answer: No, there is no requirement to reside in Saint Lucia to maintain your citizenship. You can maintain your citizenship while living abroad.

8. Are there any language or education requirements to apply for this program?

Answer: No, there are no language or education requirements associated with the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program.

9. Is there an age limit for dependent children included in the application?

Answer: Dependent children up to the age of 30 can be included in the application. There is no age limit for parents and grandparents.

10. What is the cost of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program?

Answer: The cost may vary depending on the investment route chosen. It includes an investment amount, government fees, and due diligence fees. It’s advisable
to consult with authorized service providers for specific cost details.

11. Is there any possibility of rejection in the application process?

Answer: While the program is generally straightforward, there is a due diligence process in place. The risk of rejection is usually minimal, provided that applicants
meet the required criteria and provide accurate documentation.

12. Can I apply for Saint Lucian citizenship on my own, or do I need to use an authorized agent?

Answer: All applications must be submitted through an authorized program agent who will guide you through the process.

13. How is Saint Lucia’s healthcare system and education system for families?

Answer: Saint Lucia offers a growing healthcare system and education facilities, making it a suitable destination for families. The island provides healthcare
services and a range of educational options, including international schools.

14. Can I visit Saint Lucia before applying for citizenship to get a sense of the country?

Answer: Yes, it’s advisable to visit Saint Lucia before applying for citizenship to get a better understanding of the country and its lifestyle.

15. Are Saint Lucian citizens eligible for certain United States visas like the E2 Investor Visa?

Answer: Yes, Saint Lucian citizens have the opportunity to apply for the E2 Investor Visa to the United States, which allows them to live and work in the U.S.

Please note that these FAQs are for general information, and it’s essential to consult with authorized service providers or the official Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the program.

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Marigot Bay can be found on the western coast of the Caribbean nation of Saint Lucia, situated about 3.75 miles southwest of Castries and in close proximity to the Saint Lucian National Marine Reserve. This picturesque bay is enveloped by lush, wooded hills on three of its sides.

Pigeon Island, a 44-acre islet situated in the Gros Islet region of northern Saint Lucia, was once an isolated landmass in the Caribbean Sea. However, in 1972, it was connected to the mainland’s western coast through the construction of a manmade causeway using excavated soil from the Rodney Bay Marina. The island consists of two peaks and is rich in historical significance, featuring several forts, including an 18th-century British fort and Fort Rodney. These forts were strategically used by the British to monitor French ships approaching from nearby Martinique. In 1979, Pigeon Island was designated as a national park, and in 1992, it achieved national landmark status, managed by the Saint Lucia National Trust. Today, Pigeon Island serves as the primary location for the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

The Pitons are two mountainous volcanic plugs, volcanic spires, located in Saint Lucia. Gros Piton is 798.25 m high and Petit Piton is 743 m high; they are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. The Pitons are a World Heritage Site, 2,909 ha in size, and located near the town of Soufrière.

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Disclaimer: Deal Done 21 Pvt Ltd (DD21)

Deal Done 21 Pvt Ltd (DD21) hereby clarifies and emphasizes that we do not claim or present ourselves as authorized government licensed agents in the field of citizenship by investment. Our role is that of a local consultant and representative, acting as a sub-agent of authorized agents to market and promote their services to the public.

In accordance with our commitment to ensuring transparency, privacy, and confidentiality in all transactions, DD21 will provide clients with an agreement that discloses the name and license number of the authorized agent. This measure is taken to guarantee that our clients are fully informed and have a clear understanding of the professional handling of their application.

Furthermore, we want to underscore that our dedication to providing honest services extends to a promise of no unexpected or hidden charges or fees following the signing of the agreement. However, it is essential to recognize that the terms and conditions set by the government are subject to change, with no predetermined time frame or advance notice given to authorized agents. DD21 is committed to adhering to these terms and conditions and is fully prepared to adapt as required to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service.

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