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Portugal D-2 Program
A Path to Citizenship for Entrepreneurs

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Portugal D-2 Program –
A Path to Citizenship for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent service providers can live in Portugal under the Portugal D2 Program. The Portuguese government launched this program to attract external resources and investments to help the Portuguese economy expand. This Program is solely available to non-EU/EEA/Swiss persons who want to start or relocate a business to Portugal. You can also opt to invest in an established Portuguese firm. The D2 Program in Portugal is less well-known than the D7 and Golden Programs, but it can be a realistic path to permanent residency and citizenship for persons wishing to work for themselves in Portugal.

Salient Benefits of the Program

Schengen Travel
without Program

Live, study and
work in Portugal


Path to


1. Program Exemption

The Portugal D2 Program allows you to enter Portugal and the Schengen area (26 EU countries). You are free to go around without a Program. With a D2 Program, you typically enjoy the same travel rights as all European Union nationals. This is perfect for businesses who wish to network and develop commercial ties in Europe.

2. Family Perks

You do not have to leave your family behind with the D2 Program. You can live with your family under this program, and they will have the same residence privileges as you. This includes a spouse, younger siblings, school-age dependent children over the age of 18, and children under the age of 18. Family reunification offers your family the same rights as an individual, including the possibility to gain permanent residency and tax benefits. If you have family members who are participants in the program, you must submit confirmation of your relationship.

3. Tax Incentives: Non-Habitual Tax Regime

You can enter the nation as a non-habitual resident (NHR) and take advantage of the favorable tax regulations by obtaining a Portugal Golden Program, Portugal D7 Program, or Portugal D2 Program. Under this tax structure, you can shift your tax residency to the country. To be qualified, you must not have paid taxes in Portugal in the five years before the application. This does not apply to corporate taxes, though.

The advantages of this tax system are as follows:

  • If your nation and Portugal have a DTA, you may be able to pay NO TAX on pensions, rental income, real estate profits, and income from non-Portuguese sources. You would instead pay taxes in your own country. In this scenario, Portugal and many other countries have a DTA.
  • Your pension income, including retirement savings and insurance, will be taxed at a flat rate of 10% in Portugal.
  • In Portugal, income from “high value-added operations” is taxed at 20%. This includes both job and self-employment earnings derived from scientific, artistic, or technological activities performed in Portugal. You will, nevertheless, pay the same income tax. However, you will be compelled to pay the same income tax as normal tax residents on other types of domestic income.
  • After your first ten years of residency, only your international income will be subject to tax.
  • Taxation may not apply to foreign interest, dividends, rents, or capital gains on real estate.
  • A wealth or inheritance tax won’t be due from you.
  • 190+ Program-free Countries for Portugal Passport

    143 Destinations

    37 Destinations

    11 Destinations

    Applying as an Entrepreneur

    The D2 permits people to launch any type of business in Portugal or to open an arm of an existing firm, which may be an easier approach for individuals who already have a business. Unlike the Startup Program, there are no restrictions on the sort of firm you may launch: you might start something in the hotel or technology sectors, for example.

    Entrepreneurs will need:

    • A NIF or fiscal number
    • A Portuguese business bank account
    • To open a limited company in Portugal, known as an LDA, which can have one or several partners.

    Other requirements include:

    • Proof of financial means to run such a business or a document providing previous successful ventures or a loan from a Portuguese institution
    • If joining the startup program, a declaration issued by IAPMEI certifying membership with a certified incubator

    Each of those things comes with an initial cost and then there are the ongoing costs of maintaining a company, using the services of an accountant, and paying taxes (corporation and personal) as well as social security.

    Applying as an Independent Service Provider

    The independent service provider, namely someone who provides services to Portuguese or international clients, is another category of people that can apply for the D2.

    Some of the requirements for independent service providers include:

    • A work contract
    • Proof of academic qualifications or relevant experience in the field where you’ll provide your services
    • Proof that you are qualified to practice this profession, according to the ways the profession is regulated in Portugal.

    Who may obtain Portugal D-2 Program?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independent professional
  • Start-ups
  • Investors
  • Company owner, shareholder, partner, the board of directors.
  • Branch owners and share-holder partners and directors
  • Portugal D-2 Application Process

    Open Business

    Open your business or a branch office in Portugal. Obtain all the license and transfer capital to a Portuguese company bank account.

    Sign Form

    Fill out and sign the D2 Program application form.

    Prepare a Business Plan

    Prepare your business plans and required documents:
    Portuguese company certificate
    Portuguese bank account showing capital transfer
    Personal tax number and company tax number
    Social security number
    Employment contracts
    Social contribution receipts (past 3 months)  Proof of accommodation

    D2 Program Obtained

    After receiving the D2 Program, which is valid for 120 days, the investor has to book a SEF appointment to get the residency permit, which can take up to 6 months, till then the investor needs to carry the proof of appointment.

    Become a Citizen

    After 5 years, the investor can become permanent resident and after 6 years, a Portuguese citizen which is a 1 year process.

    Portugal D-2 Document List

    To support your application, you will need the following documents:

    • Program application form
    • Passport (minimum 3 months’ validity for the duration of the stay)
    • 2 updated good quality passport photos
    • Valid travel insurance, with sufficient medical coverage that includes emergency medical    assistance and repatriation
    • If you are not a citizen in the country where you are residing, you must provide evidence that your situation is legal.
    • Criminal record certificate for you and your dependents aged 16 or over, issued in the last 3 months
    • Proof of means of subsistence which normally means a minimum full wage annual value, plus half of that amount for your spouse and €2,160 for children. The minimum wage in Portugal is around €7,200, cut this changes every year.

    Answers to frequently
    asked questions

    Nobody promises that you will be able to acquire the Program. DealDone21 offers a Compliance Department that performs preliminary due diligence checks on applicants in order to identify rejection risk and best option to overcome that risk. As a result, the vast majority of our clients pass the Due Diligence and obtain citizenship.

    Yes! To apply for a residency permit, you must make an appointment with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) as soon as you have your D2 Program. You are okay to proceed if you have evidence showing you have arranged this appointment, even if your D2 Program is only valid for 120 days. if you want to if you want to if you want to if you want to if you want to if you want to if you want it.

    You can seek to become a Portuguese citizen after six years of valid presence. To accomplish this, you must have a clean criminal record, be fluent in Portuguese, obtain an A2 Portuguese language certificate, and produce supporting evidence, such as a copy of a Portuguese bank account.

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