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The Route to Portugal Golden Visa Residence by Investment

Portugal Golden Visa, Europe’s most popular residence program by investment policy, combines minimal presence criteria with a path to EU citizenship after five years of stay. Investors may select from a wide range of investment alternatives, allowing them to choose between various options. Investors can pick from a number of investment choices ranging from EUR 250,000 to EUR 500,000.
In addition to advising you on the best investments for your financial circumstances, the specialists at DealDone21 help customers get passports and other necessary papers while guaranteeing that all transactions are authentic and in accordance with local regulations.

Salient Benefits of the Program

1. Visa-free travel

Holders of a Portuguese passport can freely travel to 187 countries, including Schengen nations, and can get visas on arrival or online.

2. Minimal Physical Presence Required

It allows the investor to obtain citizenship without having to live in the country.

3. Revenue Generation via Rental

The investor must keep the property for five years, during which time the investor can generate money by renting it out. There are no limits on the investor’s ability to sell the property after getting citizenship.

4. Permit Multiple Citizenship

If the investor intends to have a third or fourth citizenship, the Turkish government has no limits because dual or multiple citizenship is permitted.

5. Tax Optimization

Investors can get Non-habitual Resident status in Portugal for ten years, which exempts them from paying taxes on worldwide income obtained in Portugal and reduces the tax rate on income earned in Portugal by 20%.

190+ Visa-free Countries for Portugal Golden Visa

143 Destinations

37 Destinations

11 Destinations

Investment Options

Real Estate Purchase – €280,000 – €500,000
Considering that the price of real estate in Portugal rises by 15 to 25% every year, owning real estate is the most popular option for investors.
Five years later, the investor can sell the property.

€280,000 – Low-Density Investment Option
The applicant must choose one of the following in order to be eligible for the €280K low-density investment option and benefit from the 20% discount:
• Invest in a business restoration project that is situated in a sparsely populated region of the nation.
• Invest in a home rehabilitation project that is situated in a nation’s interior, a low-density location.
For an investor looking to fund a restoration project in a high-density area, costs start at €350,000. Either the property in question is over 30 years old and undergoing restorations, or it is located in a restoration zone. It must also be located within a residential structure.

Benefits of low-density investments:
• Excellent rental return yields with a lower investment threshold
• Low-density locations have much lower real estate values.
• strong real estate market, with rentals being very beneficial

Purchase of Real Estate
Transfer of Tax
6 to 8% of the property value
Stamp Duty
0.8% of the property Value
Tax on Annual Property
o.4% of the cadastral property value
Medical Protection
€400+ per person
Residence Permit Card
€5,340 per family member
Fee for applications
€533 per family member

Purchase of Investment Fund Units – €500,000
Investors can acquire investment fund units that are accessible in specific assets such as residential or commercial real estate, Portuguese firms, industrial facilities, or the European stock market.

Purchase of fund units
When investing, take a fund commission.
Up to 7.5%
Annual fund earnings commission
0.5% to 3 %
Investment income tax on Portuguese taxpayers
14 %
Tax on non-residents' investment income
Medical protection
€400+ per person
Fee for applications
€533 per family member
Card for a residence permit
€5,340 per family member

Supporting Arts and Restoring Cultural Heritage – €250,000

Investments in Research Activities – €500,000

Capital Transfer – €1,500,000

Business Investments – €500,000
Investor can invest in the business which should create at least 5 job employment.

Opening a Company
Investor can open a company which should create minimum 10 jobs.

What Regions in Portugal Qualify for an
Investment Golden Visa in Real Estate?

The following areas are where the Portuguese government intends to promote investment:
• Low-Density Regions
• Cultural Heritage
• Productivity and job production
• Activities for high environmental and social value
• Urban requalification
As a result, the Portuguese government amended the paths for getting residency through real estate investment, introducing a classification system for Portugal’s areas that are suitable for real estate investment. These are known as “low-density” and “interior” settings. But keep in mind that these are two distinct notions.
We define which places in Portugal are favourable for real estate investment below, as well as the distinctions between “interior areas” and “low-density.” By the end of this part, you should have a good idea of which regions of Portugal are excellent for real estate investment.

What are Interior areas?

You must invest in residential real estate in select interior regions to qualify for a golden visa residence permit. Commercial real estate, on the other hand, has no geographical boundaries. You can invest anywhere in the country as long as the property is classified as “commercial” (licensed for business-related activities).

Low-Density areas

The areas of Portugal highlighted on the map below are qualified for either of the following:
• Investment in high-density real estate outside of the interior (commercial only)
• Investment in low-density real estate outside of the home (commercial only)
• Investment in high-density real estate in interior spaces (residential and commercial, but no discount applies)
• Low-density interior real estate investment (commercial and residential; 20% discount applies)

Interior and Low-Density
Residential Real Estate

It is quite possible to acquire a residential property in a specific interior region of Portugal that also qualifies as “low-density.” Some areas of the Douro Valley, Aljezur, and Peneda Gerês are among the locations with a great potential for growth that are eligible for the Golden Visa.
Because properties in low-density regions are often more inexpensive and roomier, they give excellent investment opportunities. A family may usually find the property of their dreams for around €400,000, complete with fruit trees, a decent-sized pool, and beautiful views.
The Alentejo, Douro Valley, and Peneda Gerês are the three most sought-after investment destinations at the moment. All provide excellent investment returns and significant potential for expansion into the hotel business, outdoor tourism, and cultural and spiritual travel.

Selling Opportunities
Price per sq.
Fluctuation of Prices
Traveling Industry
Rental Income
Travelling Returns
Peneda Geres
Douro Valley

Who may obtain Portugal nationality?

Above the age of 18
No criminal history or charges
Outside of Portugal, money is earned for investments.
Portugal has no debts
Ability to verify the income’s legitimacy Medical insurance

No criminal history or charges

Depends on the investor for support
Live with the investor or attend university

Live with the investor or attend School

Depends on the investor for support

Under 26
In the custody of the investor

Portugal Golden Visa Application Process

Step1: Preliminary Due Diligence
DealDone21 conducts its own preliminary due diligence check to identify the rejection risks and find a solution in advance by only obtaining the passport of the client.
The investor can take the due diligence test to check his chances for the citizenship. The investor can go to the Due Diligence Test and assess himself.

Step2: Meet Our Team
Our professional team will assess the client throughout the several investment options available with all the pros and cons of the available options and will give a brief overview of the Portugal real estate market.

Step3: Choose Your Property
We will assess you in picking minimum of €280,000 worth of properties from the vast variety of exclusive projects which best suits the client’s investment and lifestyle needs.

Step4: Trip to Portugal
The investor himself can visit to Portugal and examine the property or the investor can give the power of attorney to the lawyer who will represent the client in Portugal for the opening of the bank account and obtaining the taxpayer number. The lawyer, on behalf of the client and will obtain taxpayer number from the Tax Office in Portugal.

Step5: Purchase and Sale Transactions
On behalf of the client, we will look after all the transaction legality of the purchasing real estate contract. Once the deal closes, the investor can transfer the amount and the lawyer will receive the certificate of ownership of the immovable property which will be attached with the residency permit application

Step6: Residency Permit Application Document
The investor will provide all the required documents which are necessary for the residency permit and the application will be submitted.

Step7: Fingerprinting
The investor need to travel to Portugal for submitting the original documents and for fingerprints for residency permit. This appointment must be booked in advance in SEF electronic register.

Step8: Residency Permit Card
After the approval, the investor pays the residency permit fee, once the residency permit card is issued it will be given to the investor or their lawyer.

Step9: Residency Permit Renewal
The investor must reside in Portugal for at least seven days in a year to maintain his residency. The residency permit will be renewed every two years and the investor will go through the same process as mentioned above.

Answers to frequently
asked questions

Nobody can guarantee that you will gain citizenship via investing. DealDone21 offers a Compliance Department that performs preliminary due diligence checks on applicants in order to identify rejection risk and best option to overcome that risk. As a result, the vast majority of our clients pass the Due Diligence and obtain citizenship.

The investor must stay in Portugal for at least seven days and renew his permission card every two years.
When acquiring and maintaining real estate, the investor pays taxes, and income earned in Portugal is taxed.

Options such as selling real estate or investment fund units can offer the investor with a return on investment, but only after five years. Meanwhile, the investor might profit from the asset through rental revenue.

Investors can opt to invest in commercial real estate in need of rehabilitation and repair anywhere in the country for as little as €350,000. A home real estate remodeling project is only feasible in the country’s approved low-interior zones. Residential real estate may be purchased in the self-governing islands of Azores and Madeira because they are considered high-density AND interior regions.
The subject property must be at least 30 years old and in the process of being renovated.
Spending €280,000+ on restoration work in less populous areas is a less expensive option. The region’s population decides how these designated zones are split. If there are less than 100 people per 1,000 m² in the region

In Portugal, urban regeneration districts are key investment centres with potential financial rewards. Because the real houses are acquired for extremely modest prices, restored, and then rented out, you may typically expect a big return on your investment.

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